Which Thomas Hardy novel is the bleakest?

Editing_and_Proofreading_Blog_398I know Thomas Hardy was an excellent writer, and tells a good story. That doesn’t make me like his work.

I’m always waiting for disaster to strike. I can’t really enjoy the good times, because I know that this is Hardy, so any moment now, almost everyone will be cast down into abject misery.

Which is why this post caught my eye. This infographic analyses the plot elements in categories of gloom:

  • death
  • violence
  • misery
  • financial trouble
  • miscellaneous

The conclusion is that Hardy is indeed more likely to focus on bleak events than his contemporaries.

It also shows an amazing result. There is one Hardy novel with no sadness in it at all. I must put The Hand of Ethelberta on my reading list.

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2 Responses to Which Thomas Hardy novel is the bleakest?

  1. Olivia says:

    I’ve recently posted about the original illustrations used in ‘Tess’ and yes, its safe to say, no the most cheerful novels out there! Feel free to check my post out though 🙂 https://yearandahalf.wordpress.com/2015/03/31/the-illustrations-of-hardys-tess-of-the-durbervilles/

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