Less or fewer?

Editing_and_Proofreading Blog_318This issue leads to great excitement in some quarters. When should you use “less” & when should it be fewer?

As this post explains, the difference is mainly down to whether the noun is countable. That is fine in theory, but many of us find it hard to do the analysis while we are mid sentence. Some forms of multi tasking are harder than others.

I have a little voice in my head saying:

Less cake, fewer biscuits.

I find that the easiest way to remember, but I still hear myself getting it wrong in speech.

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I am a freelance editor and proofreader, working with a wide range of clients from large companies to individuals. I can help you to communicate clearly by carrying out a final check, or by suggesting ideas get your message over. I also have a sideline in textiles, as The Rainbow Angel.
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