Turning your dissertation into a book

Editing_and_proofreading_blog_252I like this post addressed to enthusiastic young academics.

It is partly because it underlines the point highlighted by a visitor to yesterday’s post: that it is really important to think about your audience.

The main reason it appeals to me is that you can tell it is written by one who knows.

The author has deliberately repeated the point, because she has seen so many people who have gone through the same thought process:

  • I am interested in this subject.
  • I have written a long piece about it.
  • Someone says it is good.
  • That means I’ve nearly finished my first book.

I suspect many of them have been told that a dissertation is not the same thing as a book, & conversion takes a lot of work. They probably mutter to themselves, “Mine is different.”

It is surprisingly easy to think your own work has something special about it, so the general rule doesn’t apply in this case.

General rules usually come from years of experience, an independent point of view, & common sense.

Think about your audience. Make it clear what they will get from reading your piece, & guide them through the process. If your work is easier to read, you will keep the audience you have, and attract more readers.

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