10 Things successful authors do

Editing_and_proofreading_blog_195Writers are a varied lot. You couldn’t pick one out in a line up. On the other hand, the successful ones do tend to have certain characteristics in common.

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About The Proof Angel

I am a freelance editor and proofreader, working with a wide range of clients from large companies to individuals. I can help you to communicate clearly by carrying out a final check, or by suggesting ideas get your message over. I also have a sideline in textiles, as The Rainbow Angel.
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2 Responses to 10 Things successful authors do

  1. Excellent advice; pleasure to read. You are absolutely right that the importance of keeping the reader in mind cannot be overemphasised. In my own blog, Flaming English, I try to infuse grammatical points with humour to make my posts as enjoyable as possible. Keep up the good work! Anna

    • Keeping the reader in mind can be one of those easier said than done things, can’t it? It would be more straight forward if there were such a thing as an average reader. Still, that is no excuse for not trying, is it?

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