How to avoid “very”

Editing_and_proofreading_blog_29“Very” can be seen as a useful word. You can slip it into all sorts of places without too much thought.

Unfortunately, it is also quite a weak word. My first sentence could have been:

“Very” can be seen as a very useful word.

Now obviously that wouldn’t be a sensible way to write, because now I’ve got very twice in the same sentence, but putting that aside:

      • The statement is true. It is a very useful word, but
      • does it really tell you anything else that was missing from the first sentence?

No, it doesn’t. If you want to intensify, you need a stronger word, not an extra one.

If you need a little extra help, try this list.

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About The Proof Angel

I am a freelance editor and proofreader, working with a wide range of clients from large companies to individuals. I can help you to communicate clearly by carrying out a final check, or by suggesting ideas get your message over. I also have a sideline in textiles, as The Rainbow Angel.
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